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Curriculum Vitae

Research fields: Industrial organization, Econometrics, Energy and Environmental Economics.

Research interests: Productivity, market structure, set estimation, how regulation and other policies affect technical efficiency.

Working Papers

Identifying productivity when it is a choice

SSRN Link: http://ssrn.com/abstract=3068560.

Partial identification of markups from production data (with Amit Gandhi)

Productivity as an unknown input: the effect of carbon taxes on power plant productivity in the United States (substantial revision coming soon)

A specification test for parametric continuous moment inequalities

Inference on functions of parameters partially identified by the intersection of continuous linear inequalities

Abandoned and unpublished, but useful papers

Estimating logistic regressions with two-stage least squares

SSRN Link: https://ssrn.com/abstract=3113069

Paper proposes a simple way to get around convergence problems in logistic regressions and to deal with endogeneity in binary regressions that I've found to be very useful in practice. Especially useful for automated models where the estimates have to be produced automatically for a given dataset which is not known until runtime and you have to be sure the model converges. The cost of pursuing publication of the paper has surpassed the benefit of it, but the method is useful and it is worth trying if you encounter convergence issues or a model with endogenous covariates and a binary dependent variable.

Works in progress

The aggregate production function with unobserved factors of production

Partial identification of the cost of the executive input: studying executive compensation with production data

Published Projects

Flynn, Z. and L. M. Magnusson. Parametric inference using structural break tests. Stata Journal 2013 (4) [program].

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